Nha Trang Sea Walk


Sea Walk means literally walking under the sea. It is a new kind of sea sport which allows people to simply experience underwater without fear or complicated scuba diving skill. only with about 33kg helmet, you get to walk under the sea for about 20 minutes, experiencing the beautiful Southern sea while admiring marine plants, corals, starfishes, and tropical fishes.

The Attraction of Nha Trang Sea Walk:

It is a family sport which anyone from the age of 10 and above is eligible and six people can dive together at the same time. It is a convenient sea sport which anyone is afraid of water and even ladies with makeup can participate because absolutely no water can go inside the helmet.

    • Anyone who cannot swim at all, or is afraid of snorkeling and diving has no problem walking under the sea. In fact, many who have tried sea walking overcome the fear of water and move on to more skillful diving.
  • It is a natural educational experience to many students where they can experience the mysterious underwater and various underwater living creatures.

Nha Trang Sea Walk:

08h30 or 09h30: Pick up from hotel and transfer by boat ride to Hon Tam Island. Upon arrival, attend a 5 minutes of simple instruction session of “Equalizing & Hand Signals”. You will then dive under 4 – 5 meters deep sea in 20 minutes by going down the platform/ladder along with an instructor for a safe and comfortable sightseeing under the sea. Sea walking allows you to walk under the sea and watch fishes go by without having to carry air-tanks or complicated equipment. You will wear Underwater Helmet Diving System and be ready to discover the underwater world.

14h00 – 15h00: Have fruit buffet at swimming pool.

On the return journey you will enjoy a romantic scenic cruise through Nha Trang bay to end your perfect unforgettable day with sun, sea, corals and marine life. It is a day to truly lift your spirits and take you into a realm of nature’s finest beauty.

15h15 or 16h15: Withdraw to the mainland. Car drop you off the Hotel.

End of tour. See you again.

Trip Included:

    • Minibus transfer.
    • Guide.
    • Boat.
    • Fruits.
    • Tea.
    • Coffee.
    • Tower.
    • Shower.
  • DVD photos underwater.

Things You Should Bring:

    • Sun block / Tan lotion
    • Extra clothing
    • Hat / Cap
    • Swimming attire
    • Sandals or Slippers
    • Towel
  • Extra set of clothing

Things You Should Know:

    • Your safety is our top priority.
    • Should the weather or sea conditions render it unsafe to proceed for this tour.
    • We reserve the right to change or cancel tour. Tour will be refunded accordingly.
  • You are advised to bring enough cash for your sea sport activities.

Nha Trang Sea Walk Tour Cost:

$90 US/ Person

The Prices Will Be Changed In Public Holidays

Hotline/ WhatsApp: +847-6666-0606

Email: seawalker.vn@gmail.com


Nha Trang Sea Walk